Video Portfolio


Watch most of Intisar’s broadcast, video, and film work on her YouTube page “Film & Video Experience by Intisar Seraaj.”


  • The Canales Family (documentary): Take a look at the documentary, which was featured on Fusion, Intisar produced with a team of classmates from the University of Southern California about a Mexican-American family who has 10 daughters, half of whom are American-born and the other half who are Dreamers on DACA.Watch the documentary here.
  • What Hijab Means to Marwa Tarakji of Veilure Couture: Marwa Tarakji, the founder and owner of the hijab brand Veilure Couture, talks about what “hijab” means to her. Watch the video here.

  • Suzanne Khazaal: Hijabi & Proud: Suzanne Khazaal, the owner and founder of the modest fashion brand Khazaal Apparel, speaks about why she’s a hijabi and proud to be different. Watch the video here.

  • USC’s Cohen Military Family Clinic Opens: USC Opens 5th Cohen Military Family Clinic in the US on Oct. 6 in Los Angeles, California. Watch the broadcast segment here.

  • Rape Blaming Victims. Watch the broadcast segment here.

  •  Downtown Los Angeles Flower Market Might Expand: The downtown Flower Market in Los Angeles might expand soon. I went to the market to see what vendors and customers thought of this. Watch the broadcast segment here.

  • Imam Abdul-Karim Hasan of Bilal Islamic Center of Los Angeles, California: Journalist Intisar Seraaj interviews Imam Abdul-Karim Hasan of the Bilal Islamic Center in downtown Los Angeles, California about his political beliefs, political involvement, and how he sees how politics affect his community, especially in terms of discrimination. Watch the video here.

  • Midwives for Alabama: Alabama is one of 10 states that currently have made it illegal for midwives to practice while unsupervised outside of a hospital. Midwives are professionals, and have been historically successful at delivery babies and going above and beyond for the families that they serve. This is an interview of two sisters advocating for midwifery to be made legal in Alabama (and the nine other states). Watch the documentary/interview here.

  • The International Museum of Muslim Cultures: From November 2006 until November 2017, the International Museum of Muslim Cultures showcased “The Legacy of Timbuktu: Wonders of the Written Word” exhibit. Here are a few of the artifacts and information on display. Watch the video here.

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