Website Portfolio / Coding Experience

evolution-coverAmerican Muslim Fashion

This website takes a look into the potential lucrativeness of catering to Muslims in the fashion market, the history of Muslim fashion in the U.S., what Muslim fashion looks like around the world and the personal style of the author.

The site was coded, written, designed and reported by Intisar Seraaj. See the full website here.


Workplace Woes & Windfalls for Hijabis

Muslim women have accomplished much in the workforce such as founding a world-renowned quarterly magazine about Muslim women or like becoming the first female Muslim legislator in U.S. history. Yet, Islamophobia is still an issue in the workplace for some Muslim women, especially for those who are noticeably Muslim when they wear hijab.

Here’s a snapshot of the discrimination a few Muslim women have faced while in the workforce, from blatant disrespect to microaggressions.

This site was partially coded and designed, and fully reported on by Intisar Seraaj. View the full website here.


Fear for All: Voters voice concerns about issues and candidates

By Intisar Seraaj, Renee Gross, Catherine Clark, Rachel Ramos & Eric Russell

Fear was a recurring theme in the 2016 U.S. presidential election between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton. This website shows how fear played a key role in how voters planned on casting their ballots.

View the site here.

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